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The Offord Synopsis

As I sit here today in a place that I call home, I can see clearly enough to write just a bit about what this Clubhouse, Compass House, this family, has done for me.

My Grandfather was Ray Robert Offord Jr. He was the patriarch of our family. The toughest, most strict, most successful, most driven and uncompromising man I have ever known. He raised me like his son. He taught me to honor, honesty, responsibility, work ethic and family. When I was growing up alongside Grandpa Ray, I KNEW I was destined for greatness.  Unfortunately, those cornerstones of life, that I was taught faded as I swam into the big wide world.

Through alcoholism, drug addiction, death, trauma, homelessness, success, failure, marriage, divorce, a daughter, emergency rooms, treatment centers, suicide attempts, true love, putting family and friends in the ground and a complete hopelessness that enveloped me like a lead overcoat, something happened. Compass House of Medford, Oregon happened.

Ryan Hemme saved my life. He is the Outreach Coordinator for Compass House. I walked by Compass House on a day that it was raining both outside and inside of me. I had two options that day. Get inside Compass House or write the last chapter of life. When I walked by Compass House it was closed due to a holiday, but Ryan was setting up a holiday party and saw me through the window. He saw me flustered and grabbed me and brought me inside to ask how I was doing. He rescued me. I owe my life to him, Matt, Joanna, Ryan Lindley and every member of Compass House for resurrecting me.

I have been given stability, guidance, vision, empowerment, family, a sense of self and most important of all, hope. Without it, we fall. I was fallen, crushed and lost. Compass House has given me new life. I am off the streets after 2+ years and with the help of Compass House, I now live in my own apartment in Ashland.

My lifeline is this place. This is my family. Compass House has given me a chance to stand in the rays of the sunshine. I have a future. I have a new life. I am proud to be a member, and I will never to live my life alone again. What a blessing.

Homemade Recipes

Stuffed Bread Rolls
“Momma Franco’s Stuffed Rocks”
By Veronica Franco

stuffed bread rollsIngredients

  1. Bag of uncooked Bread Rolls
  2. Pound of hamburger
  3. Small bag of shredded cabbage
  4. Tbsp of cooking oil to cover cookie sheet

Roll out the dough
Brown hamburger
Sauté onions and cabbage separately
Add mixture of hamburger, onions, and cabbage to rolled out dough.
Fold edges inward and pinch and fold
Grease cookie sheet with cooking oil


Letter to the Clubhouse

QUESTION — (Andrew) How can I get help with housing at Compass House? Andrew

Answer — (Hemme) We here at Compass House have some exciting news. This March, Compass House is opening our Transitional Housing  Program. We are taking applications now and assessing the needs of our members.  Our program is 9 –12 months to help stabilize members and have time to work on more permanent housing

Do you have any questions for the Clubhouse?
Email Hemme and ask away

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New and Open Opportunities at Compass House

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