Rodney’s Story


My name is Rodney and I am a member of Compass House. I have dealt with mental illness and addiction for most of my life, often feeling suicidal and not knowing where to turn. Later in my life I found myself spending 7 years in prison due to my behaviors and choices.

Upon my release from prison I still felt that I didn’t fit, and that I did not have a direction. I found myself homeless, and being referred to Compass House for membership. I was told that Compass House would give me a safe place to be during the day, and could possibly help me. When I came to Compass House, I found support and companionship.

People didn’t judge me 

and it felt like people truly cared. I finally had a place where I could get support to move forward in my life. I am no longer homeless, as Compass House helped me to find a place through Rogue Retreat, and I am now going to college.

All of my life I was told that I couldn’t do different things and Compass House not only tells me that I can, but also gives me the support to do it. My life is not perfect right now, but for the first time I feel hope and that is largely due to Compass House.