Annual Fall Fundraiser

Our fundraiser will focus on the areas of greatest need brought to the forefront of our clubhouse community over the past year. Most of our members live at, or below, the poverty line and 30% are chronically unhoused. Members often find themselves in need of support to secure and maintain housing, employment, food, and a safe and dry place to sleep. The most common assistance asks are funds for rent and utility, car repairs, food, outdoor clothing and camping supplies. We keep our lunch prices at $1.50 to make it affordable, but rising costs in food are making this very challenging. The need this year has far exceeded our budget and so we are seeking support from you to help build the reserves necessary to give our members a hand-up. Please support Compass House in its effort to provide the needed supplies and food for our members.

Please click below on the service you would like to support. Thank you.


$180 Free Lunch for 1 Member for 6 months or Free Lunch for 6 members for 1 Month.


$50 will help build a reserve fund assistance with rent, utility bills, car repairs or other emergencies.


$75 development courses in each of our work units helping members become work-ready.