The inner workings of financial literacy and administrative functioning to manage a budget and build skills for clerical and public relations work draw members to the Business and Member Services Unit. Our thrift store and café offer opportunities to practice cash handling and customer service. The Member Bank is available to account holders to use the skills they are learning to save money, build a budget, and learn basic accounting skills. The reach out to members system is robust and not only provides support to those members experiencing challenges, but most importantly, assures members that they are needed, wanted, and expected.


Presentations to our community partners builds confidence and creates the member driven mission of Clubhouse. Audio visual productions and daily and monthly newsletters captures the creativity our members and skills development in software and public relations. The collection of data of participation in the units and our transitional and supportive employment programs are needed for grant reporting. These skills, in addition to bill pay, reconciliation, and financial reporting are made user friendly through the patience and side by side support by members and staff learning together. What were once barriers to technology, financial literacy, and communication become achievable by learning the steps one by one.

Unlocking Tech, Finances, and Connection - Guiding Members Every Step of the Way.

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Thrift Store and Café provide hands-on experience in cash handling and customer service.

Member Bank supports account holders in practicing money-saving, budgeting, and basic accounting.

Member Outreach System offers crucial support and reinforces members’ significance by building engaging presentations to community partners.

Audio-visual Productions and Newsletters showcase member creativity and skill development.

Data Collection and Entry aids in grant reporting. We simplify bill payment, reconciliation, and financial reporting, offering patient, side-by-side support.