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Known informally as “the hub of Compass House,” the Culinary unit is a bustling place. Working together, members and staff plan, shop for and prepare daily breakfasts and lunches, Employment and Education night dinners, and Restaurant Night for our funders. The superb holiday menus draw many members to Compass House on all the holidays as well. 


During lunch service, nutritious meals are available for purchase at an affordable cost. Like many restaurants, our cashiers use a point of sale system to place diners’ lunch orders. In addition, member servers gain skills in plating the food and table service other members in our dining room. It is a rewarding experience to prepare and serve meals to your peers. The teamwork and culinary arts training are transferrable to job skills and tools for a healthy lifestyle.  

The unit works to carefully plan nutritional meals to meet our community’s dietary needs while also upholding our wellness standard. Unit projects, like diabetic cooking, canning, pickling, and gardening for the garden to table experience to allow people to use the skills learned at Compass House to cook healthy, affordable meals for themselves at home. 



Members of Compass House design our holistic health program to offer a variety of activities such as: 

  • Exercise YWCA, hikes, Tai Chi, yoga, mall walks 
  • Leisure activities such as movies, game night, open microphone night, bowling, picnics 
  • Celebrations: birthday parties, membership anniversary parties 
  • Holiday events: We have events on the day of the holiday as a community and family 
  • Decisions on clubhouse activities are made through the consensus of members and staff.



New Kitchen Coming Summer 2022

This commercial restaurant-grade kitchen will facilitate the familiarization of Compass House clients with the typical commercial kitchen environment, instruction in the proper care and operation of standard equipment, and the duties and processes that coincide with food service employment and patronizing restaurant-type establishments further enhancing the Compass House mission.